About JazzArt

The JazzArt theory is based on the scientific fact that sounds and colors are both vibrations in the electromagnetic spectrum. Although they appear to our senses to be different types of experience, they are physically very similar: Colors are sound, but at a much higher electromagnetic frequency. Therefore, color and sound are much more closely related than it first appears.

The Jazzartist is one who is able to put colors to music-- to play the colors, by creatively exploring the link between color and sound. The featured instruments are saxophone, flute, and bass clarinet. Presentations are done in solo, as well as with, a drummer, bassist, pianist, and vocalist. Our presentations conclude with a jazz jam session.

Willie Mack is a saxophonist and flutist who has played throughout Europe as part of La Mama's European company, and with his own group, the Willie Mack Quartet. He is Chairman of the New Amsterdam Musical Association (NAMA), the oldest association of professional black musicians, organized as a response to segregationist attitudes towards the musicians, and the music that they were producing. NAMA is now a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion music education and performance in all forms. It aims to draw together trained musicians for education, concerts, performances, community jam sessions, and to expand understanding and support of musicians and their art. Most recently, Willie has been exploring the relationship between color and sound through Color Music, and working with many artists to "play their paintings".